Thursday, July 14, 2011

Welcome to the site for Rabbi Rafael Grossman's My Shoshana: A Father's Journey Through Loss. If you would like to post a message to the rabbi or a message about his book, please click on "Comments."


Jeremy Kay said...

I first a read a draft of "My Shoshana" very early one morning. My own daughter Rebecca, then 17, was sleeping in the room next door. I peeked in to take a look at her and could not imagine how I would cope with losing her.

When we experience loss, we all need help with the healing process, and in a few short pages, Rabbi Grossman has given us this gift. The book has a unique capacity to bring a tear to your eye and a smile to your lips.

I want to thank Rabbi Grossman for giving me the opportunity to work on this and look forward to our relationship.

Jeremy Kay
Eshel Books

Anna Olswanger said...

The Jewish Standard newspaper (Bergen County, New Jersey) included an article about the book launch of My Shoshana. Please see:

sboussi said...

I was so moved by your book. I wish I could have known Shoshana, z"l. I feel fortunate to know the rest of your family. May you only know happiness and have much nachat from your wonderful children and grandchildren, and may Shoshana's memory be blessed.
Sylvia Kilstein Boussi

Minda Klitzner said...

Rabbi Grossman,
My dearly beloved son, Jeffrey,z"l,died this past August at the age of 31. He had written a so callled memoir and had it edited and published in June. He was gearing up for a national book tour via Greyhound across the country and had scheduled a book signing at Starbucks. Instead of a book signing, he was being buried. I have not read his book because people have told me I would not like what he said about me. I wanted to read your book so I can understand what has happened to my son. As I read your book, I was asking the same questions you were asking your daughter of Jeffrey. Why? Why now? He had been searching his entire life,found out what he wanted,wrote this book to bring out his "past",make amends with everyone, and come clean and start his life over. And he is found dead in bed by our housemate. His death has made no sense to me and probably never will. After a little over 3 months his cause of death is still under investigation. Obviously, his toxicology reports were negative or they would have said he died from that. I believe he died from heart failure as heart disease runs rampant among men on his fathers side of the family. I have read your book several times as it gives me insight and hope. Thank you for sharing.
Minda Klitzner

Sheldon and Nancy Dan said...

Rabbi, we have a copy of the book and Nancy has already read it. (I'll look at it soon.) We think about you often and will be talking soon.

Sheldon and Nancy Dan said...

Rabbi, I wonder if you have read a book called "If G-d is Good, Why is the World So Bad?" by Rabbi Benjamin Blech. A lot of what I am reading in your book is talked about in this book, and I have found some comfort in the fact that we can at least attempt some explanation that makes sense to us.

Anonymous said...

The Rabbi & Mrs. G are not only terrific People, they are always so free with their Time when one needs that extra-superlative assistance for going through Life & its Trials.
Our thanks to them always.

Paul Sam Markowitz

Shane Wamsley said...

Rabbi and Mrs Grossman my sincerest prayers reach out to you in struggling to make sense of life's temporary nature and why such occurrences strike closest to home. My dearly departed wife Shoshana Grossman (1956-2002) appeared day before yesterday, the second time since being called home from occlusive coronary artery disease, only this time she was accompanied by her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. They visited me, delivering assurance accompanied by the most profound message that they continue to live awaiting our glorious return home to be with them also. Life always has and always will continue and families can be joined together eternally. For this I know bearing solemn witness.

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